Author: Leslie Dysart

I’m Hungry — Let’s Catch Some Walleye



In the minds of many fishermen (include me in that group), there‚Äôs no better eating fish on the planet than a freshly caught, filleted and cooked Walleyed Pike. … READ MORE

Manitoba’s Lake Trout Fishing Champion

Ed Helble, a retired cardiologist from the state of Michigan, is not only a great fisherman but perhaps an even better spokesperson for Big Sand Lake Lodge. Ed, his son … READ MORE

Chasing Monster Northern Pike

Northern Pike are at the top of the freshwater fish food chain and Big Sand Lake’s 60,000 acres of water is home to some of the biggest, meanest pike a … READ MORE

Why We Fish


Back around 40,000 years ago, we know, based on cave drawings, that Paleolithic man was fishing. He probably used his hands, a sharp stick or improvised trap or net … READ MORE