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Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, Arctic Grayling—there’s no better Canada fishing vacation.

Searching for a monster fish factory? You’re in the right place. When it comes to memorable, all-inclusive fishing trips in Canada, anglers looking for a world-class fishing experience start their planning here!

It makes sense. Big Sand Lake Lodge offers premiere, complete Canadian fly-in fishing with a comfortable main lodge and remote outposts. Because we’ve practiced catch-and-release conservation for more than 30 years, the fish grow to enormous sizes. So big that it’s possible to earn your Manitoba Master Angler Certificate during any cast.

You choose what you want, and nature supplies the action: Northern PikeLake TroutWalleye, and Arctic Grayling. Plus, we treat you right with a classic shore lunch cooked over an open fire on real wood, not propane. As big as the fish are, sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much.

Go for the legendary Canadian Fishing Grand Slam … all four fish species during one trip to Northern Manitoba. Achieve that, and you’ll earn a $500 voucher toward a future Big Sand Lake Lodge visit.

The quintessential Canada experience for Big Sand Lake Lodge guests.

Yep, our lodge is the only one on a  lake that’s never been commercially fished. And, it’s all yours. Our expert guides understand exactly what is happening on the water at any given moment. And, our staff knows everything you need for THE Canada fishing trip that beats all other Canada fishing trips.

Great fishing. Delicious food. Comfy lodging. Friendly staff. Up here, there’s less traffic and more fish! When it comes to remote fishing trips in Canada, Big Sand Lake Lodge is as close to a sure thing as you can get. Discover what else sets us apart!

It’s the fishing that makes a Canada trip so incredible.

Northern Pike Fishing
BIG. That’s the best way to begin talking about the monsters lurking within Big Sand Lake and other nearby lakes.

Lake Trout Fishing
Trophies live here. Big Sand Lake regularly yields many of the top Lake Trout caught in Manitoba each year. Master Angler size always possible.

Walleye Fishing
There must be a million hungry Walleye in Big Sand Lake. You’ll catch a lot and enjoy a bellyful during an open fire shore lunch that caps off your Canada fishing experience.

Arctic Grayling Fishing
What a gorgeous fish. Although they’re not easy to find in other lakes, they’re abundant in the rivers and streams connected to Big Sand Lake.

Canada Grand Slam Fishing
Few bodies of water allow you to catch all four spectacular species during a single trip to Northern Manitoba. It takes a world-class fishing destination and expert guidance.

Learn what lures and rod to bring on a Canadian fishing trip.