U.S. to Canada Border Crossing Information

We’ll help you get up to Northern Manitoba.

To visit the best Canadian fishing lodges and enjoy the best Canada outpost fishing, you have to go to Canada, of course! It’s not too tough, if you follow a few guidelines.

Big Sand Lake Lodge is located in Northern Manitoba. You just need to get to Winnipeg, Manitoba (for fishing trips), and Thompson, Manitoba (for hunting trips). From there we fly you in, the cost of which is covered in your all-inclusive payment.

Tips for getting to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Visitors to Canada with criminal records (even misdemeanors and drunk driving offenses), may not be allowed to cross the border.
  • Print your boarding passes, flight itinerary, and insurance. Store them in a folder or plastic wallet to keep everything in one place.
  • U.S. cellphones work in Canada. Just make sure you let your carrier know you’re heading out of the country. So, instead of astronomical fees, you have a texting/calling package ready.
  • Calculate duty and taxes; this Duty and Tax Estimator App makes it easy.



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