Chipewyan Lake Outpost at Big Sand Lake Lodge

Raising the traditional “outpost” to a new level.

Chipewyan Lake has a camp manager and a cook to look after everything at the camp, while you fish at your own schedule. Chipewyan Lake has access to 4 lakes including Otter, Loon, Trout ,and Fox, as well as the South Seal River to the north. This area remains vastly un-fished and unexplored with bays, creeks, and coves still unnamed and untried.

Chipewyan Lake Lodge Manitoba

Remember the stories you heard of as a youngster about lakes in Canada that were teaming full of big fish? Well, Chipewyan Lake is one such place, left unspoiled for hundreds of years, Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, and Arctic Grayling abound here in great numbers and great size!

Chipewyan Lake has one guest cabin for 6 to 8 people as well as a separate kitchen building where all meals are prepared. You’ll also enjoy shower facilities here.

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