Northern Pike

The best Canadian Northern Pike fishing—these are the big beasts

Northern Pike common catch and release: 20-30+ pounds.

Imagine catching a 33-year-old Pike. Because Northern Manitoba is in the upper latitude of North America, fish grow slowly here. For example, a 49-½ inch, 32-lb. Northern Pike is estimated to be 33 years old. One thing they don’t lose with age is their attitude: always aggressive, always fighting.

Northern Pike aren’t tough to find in Canada; what’s unusual (and exceptional) about Big Sand Lake Lodge is our monstrous fish. Our sustainability efforts over the past two decades have allowed these fish to grow … and grow … into the biggest Pike in Canada.

Each year, numerous guests catch Northern that qualify for a Manitoba Master Angler award, the most reputable and oldest master angler program in North America. Get your achievement recognized, receive a Master Angler Catch-and-Released badge, and have your name entered into the official master angler registry.

Len Thompson 5 of DIamonds
Recommended Lure:

Len Thompson 5 of Diamonds

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Esociformes
Family Esocidae
Genus Esox
Species E. lucius

Binomial Name

Esox lucius

Want to see some Big fish?

We've collected photos of our largest fish.


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We've collected photos of our largest fish.


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Big Sand Lake Lodge offers 5-day and 10-day fly in fishing trips during which you’ll experience our main lodge and world-class fishing. No matter how long you stay, an all-inclusive Northern Pike fishing trip at the exclusive Big Sand Lake Lodge creates memories that last forever.



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“Take your buddies with you when you fish Big Sand. Otherwise they’re going to think your exaggerating about the monster pike.”