Lake Trout

Five-star, Canadian Lake Trout fishing—this is some serious action

Lake Trout common catch and release: 50+ pounds.

When experienced anglers want to land a LUNKER Lake Trout during a Canada fishing trip, they choose Big Sand Lake Lodge. As soon as ice is out around mid-April, we start targeting Lakers. These giant fighters will tire you out quickly. But, we know you’ll be back the next morning, ready for more battles (and more stories to tell).

Speaking of stories, how about winning for a Manitoba Master Angler award? Many of our guests have qualified for the most reputable and oldest master angler program in North America. You’ll get your achievement recognized, receive a Master Angler Catch-and-Released badge, and have your name entered into the official master angler registry.

The comfort, the food, the hospitality, the fishing! No other Canadian Lake Trout fishing trip reaches this level of quality.

Herring Rig

Recommended Lure:

Herring Rig

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Salmoniformes
Family Salmonidae
Genus Salvelinus
Species S. namaycush

Binomial Name

Salvelinus namaycush

Want to see some Big fish?

We've collected photos of our largest fish.


Big Sand Lake Lodge's 5-day fishing trips make the memories

We've collected photos of our largest fish.


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Big Sand Lake Lodge offers 5-day and 10-day fly in fishing trips during which you’ll experience our main lodge and world-class fishing. No matter how long you stay, an all-inclusive Northern Pike fishing trip at the exclusive Big Sand Lake Lodge creates memories that last forever.



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