Moose Hunting Trips from Big Sand Lake Lodge

Big Sand Lake Lodge has the largest moose hunting territory that is exclusive to any one operator in all of Canada. In this vast wilderness, you will commence your hunt for the largest member of the deer family. And, large they are! A bull moose in full spread of antlers is the most imposing beast in North America. It stands taller at the shoulder than the largest saddle horse.

Moose Hunting


Moose hunting from Big Sand Lake Lodge takes place every year in late September (it’s never too soon to book your trip). Upon arrival from Thompson, Manitoba, guests are brought to the main lodge where they sight in their rifles and have a brief lunch before they get the hunt on or jump on a floatplane for the trip to their moose hunting outpost camp (Chipewyan Lake, Wolf Lake, or LeClair Lake).

Or, try remote wilderness moose hunt tent camping on Longly or Morand Lake. Either way, a guide takes you out for 7 days, and you’re allowed one bull moose. You can bring a non-hunter with you, a spouse or a young son or grandson that you’d like to accompany you on this hunting adventure. Call us for more info and rates for non-hunters.

The hardest part about Big Sand Lake Lodge’s moose hunting is trying to reserve a spot.
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Fishing is FREE with all hunts! After moose hunting, you have the opportunity to catch huge trophy Lake Trout.

You’ll be well equipped for the hunt.

Our Canadian hunting outfitters will recommend personal gear, including clothing and equipment. Contact Big Sand Lake Lodge’s Canadian hunting outfitters for information regarding fire arms registration.

“Proper management of our resources is the key, and I like to keep it that way,” says Site Manager, Rob Carpenter. “There is no other moose hunting camp out there right now in Canada or Alaska that has had not only the success rate but more importantly the quality of animals and sheer numbers as we have had over the past years. ‘Look at our results,’ is what I tell people inquiring about hunts. Our results are what keep Big Sand Lake Lodge fully booked year in and year out. This is truly a world-class hunt.”