Really Getting Away from It All



Are you the type of fisherman who wants to be hands-on, who wants a lake all to yourself and your group? A guy who wants to go where no man has gone before (or at least very few)? Big Sand Lake Lodge has exactly what you’re looking for with any of our four outpost camps. Each one is ideally located on its own lake just a short floatplane ride from the Main Lodge. Each has its own generator to shed a little light, a wood-burning stove to take the chill off those early mornings, kitchen facilities with propane stove, comfortable cots, a porch from which you can view your lake, 16 ft. boats, each with a dependable 15 hp motor. All you need to bring is your tackle, a sleeping bag and your personal items. The lodge will provide a grocery list ahead of time so you can check off what you need and be certain all provisions and drinks will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Here’s a quick rundown of your options:


CHIPEWYAN LAKE – Chipewyan camp is slightly different from the other three camps in that it is staffed by a camp manager and cook. You can say this is sort of a half-way step towards roughing it all the way. You still have Chipewyan Lake all to yourself but don’t have to worry about the cooking and the camp manager is available for guiding as well. Chipewyan is our newest camp and the northernmost on the South Seal River system. In addition to Chipewyan, you also have access to Otter, Loon and Fox lakes as well as the South Seal River to the North. All four species—Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye and Arctic Grayling abound here in great numbers and size. These lakes are teeming with fish, many of whom have never seen a hook and line. There are bays, creeks and coves that have never been fished and remain unnamed and untried. There’s one guest cabin that can accommodate 6 to 8 people plus a separate kitchen building where all meals are prepared…and there are shower facilities. Remember, this is the only outpost camp with a camp manager and cook included.

WolfLake copy



WOLF LAKE – If big pike and plenty of walleye are your goal, Wolf Lake is a great choice. And the South Seal River runs through the lake offering some of the best Arctic Grayling fishing in all of Manitoba. Wolf Lake has numerous shallow bays and weed beds close to camp and is also accessible to the north basin of Big Sand Lake, an area not fished from the Main Lodge. Wolf is renowned for its trophy Northern Pike. It has a constant flow from the many creeks and rivers that eventually drain into Hudson Bay. In fact, some areas never freeze even in the coldest of winters. There are five boats here, a guest cabin that can accommodate 6 to 8 people, a shower building and a separate kitchen building where all meals are be prepared.




JORDAN LAKE – Jordan Lake is a great spot for Northern Pike and Walleye action. The lake is fed from the west and flows northeast via the Kitimiwi River to Kitimiwi Lake and on into Big Sand Lake. The area where Jordan narrows to become the Kitimiwi River offers terrific action for trophy Arctic Grayling. There are tons of shallow bays and weed beds holding big pike plus lots of rock structure that provides ideal habitat for unstoppable walleye action. This camp has two cabins and can handle groups from 4 – 12 people with the possibility of being utilized by two small groups. There is a shower building and separate kitchen building where you prepare all your own meals. Remember, the grocery check list will insure that you have everything you need for your stay.


LECLAIR LAKE – One of our best known camps for consistently producing some of Manitoba’s top Northern Pike every year. LeClair Lake marks the true beginning of the South Seal River system and joins Big Sand Lake at its very southernmost end. It features access to two excellent lakes with hundreds of great shallow bays and weed beds. Just north of the camp is North LeClair (also called Cline Lake) that boasts some of the biggest Northern Pike in all of Northern Manitoba. An ATV is available to transport your gear or anyone unable or unwilling to make the hike. There is one guest cabin for 6 to 8 people plus separate shower and kitchen buildings.


Not only are all of our Outpost Camps great fishing destinations, they are also a very economical alternative to staying at the Main Lodge.


Chipewyan Lake   $2,895 US plus tax per person for five days;

$3,595 US plus tax per person for ten days.

Remember that the prices at Chipewyan include

Camp manager and cook.


Wolf, Jordan and $2,395 US plus tax per person for five days;

LeClair Lakes     $3,395 US plus tax per person for ten days.


Keep in mind that the round trip charter flight from and back to Winnipeg is included in these prices or save even more money and fly out of Thompson, Manitoba.


We still have a few openings for this season so give Rick or Lynda a call at 1-800-348-5824 or email us at