Fishing for Trophy Lake Trout in Big Sand Lake Manitoba

Big Sand Lake is one of the premier lakes in all of Canada when it comes to catching trophy-size Lake Trout. In 2015, three of the five largest Lake Trout caught in all of Manitoba came out of Big Sand Lake including the biggest at 119 cm (47″). With the trophy category being defined as anything over 35 inches, it means that big one was a full foot longer than what would be considered a trophy. Of course, all three fish were returned to the water to grow even bigger as they wait for someone else to throw them a line at Big Sand.

The scientific name for Lake Trout is Salvelinus Namaycush. That last part is a First Nation word meaning “tyrant of the lakes.” The native people understood that the Lake Trout was a formidable fighter. Lake Trout are indigenous to only North America although they have more recently been introduced into lakes in Northern Europe and South America. The Lake Trout is a solitary fish who loves cold water, typically around 53 degrees F. They can be caught near the shore in 10′ of water or less in the Spring and again in the Fall. As the water warms, they head to deeper water looking for that 53 degrees. The greatest fun is to catch them casting in shallow water early or late in the season although they can be caught anytime by trolling or jigging at lower depths in warmer weather. Lake Trout do not mature until they are 8-10 years old and typically live up to 25 years although some recent scientific research have identified Lake Trout as old as 70 years old.

If you want to experience Lake Trout fishing on Big Sand Lake, there is only one way to do it: book a trip to Big Sand Lake Lodge. We’re 550 miles north of Winnipeg and the only lodge on Big Sand Lake which is 70 miles long. The lodge features five-star accommodations, 5- and 10-day packages that include round trip airfare from Winnipeg to the lodge’s own landing strip, comfortable cabins with indoor plumbing, all meals, guide, 18-foot boats, 40 hp motors–really everything you need to make a memorable fishing trip. There’s also plenty of monster Northern Pike, tons of Walleyes and even Arctic Grayling in case your arms get tired reeling in those big lakers.9451a5d5fc272af67b69a69e7fb8d7d8_XL