Manitoba’s Lake Trout Fishing Champion

Ed Helble, a retired cardiologist from the state of Michigan, is not only a great fisherman but perhaps an even better spokesperson for Big Sand Lake Lodge. Ed, his son and an assortment of friends have been coming up to Big Sand for several years. Ed had previously done lots of fishing in various remotes in Ontario but once he found Big Sand Lake, he’s content to return year after year. And it’s no wonder. Ed personally caught the three largest lake trout landed in the entire province of Manitoba last year, each measuring a mind-bogging 47 inches. Just to add a few more numbers—he also landed the sixth largest at 45 inches and the tenth largest at 44 inches, all five fish caught during a five-day visit in late June. (Two of the others in the Top 10 were also caught in Big Sand but by someone other than Ed.)


Of the big three, Ed says “I’m a dedicated fisherman and one morning (June 25th), my guide and I went out, just the two of us. I caught and released four huge lake trout in the space of a couple of hours, the last putting up such a fight that we called in the assistance of another guide who happened to be passing by.”

Of course, all of Ed’s fish were released unharmed back into the lake.


Ed says the weather was sunny and pleasant and he was fishing about 50 feet down, both trolling and vertical jigging with a 3-1/2 once jig. We won’t give away any more of Ed’s secrets unless you come up and visit us at Big Sand Lake Lodge yourself.


While Ed loves to reel in big trout, he also enjoys fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye. “It’s one thing I really enjoy about Big Sand. You can fish for one species for a while and then switch up, move over a bit and go for something else. We always catch Walleye but a couple of years ago, we got into some Walleye fishing on Big Sand that I will never forget. It was unbelievable. Beautiful fish on almost every cast until my arms were too tired to reel in anymore.”


And what about Northern Pike? “I’ve caught lots of nice pike in Big Sand but I’m still waiting to land that special big one. Maybe I just haven’t concentrated on them enough because I know they are out there.”


And Ed has nothing but nice things to say about the lodge itself. “The cabins are comfortable, the guides are friendly and helpful. In fact, everyone on the staff is great. The food is excellent, steak and potatoes kind of fare. However, being a cardiologist, I try to eat very healthy and the kitchen at Big Sand is always glad to accommodate my special dietary desires.”


Ed, his son and some friends are scheduled to come up to Big Sand Lake Lodge again this year. We’ve still got a few openings in June and early July. Why not come up and see if you can outfish Ed this year?