2012 Moose Hunting Results ( 13 for 18)

What can we say 70 degrees f is not moose hunting weather!
It seems we have found year over year the weather is getting warmer and Sept 22-29th was no different. A good froston the 21 st had us very hopeful we would see cooler temperatures, but it warmed up as the week progressed. Week 2 caught the tail end of the heat and by the evening of the 29th temperatures dropped to the low 30’s f and a huge swing in call response netted us 7 moose by Monday night! An unbelievable change which also brought 30-40 mph wind gusts! Gee whiz what next… well with 1 hunter remaining our 8 th bull fell on Thursday. Another perfect week 8 for 8. After much debate we will be moving our weeks in 2013 and will now have our last week of hunting Oct 5 – Oct 12.. this is almost 2 full weeks later than in 2004, so cold weather here we come, cause Monster Mooseis the name of the game at Big Sand in 2013!

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