2009 Moose Hunting Results (11 for 19)

Another great year has come to an end. Let it be said, that weather, has a significant outcome on fishing and hunting, and our 2009 Moose Hunt was no different. During the weeks preceding our hunts we saw above average rainfall and well above average temperatures. When we arrived at camp we expected to see all the fall colors we have come to expect, with the golden folage it is truly a sign fall is on it’s way and the rut has begun.

Much to our surprise, the green leaves and + 70 degree weather did little to entice our Moose to fulfil thier manly deed. The evening we hoped would cool off too, but to no avail, with night time temperatures barely going below + 50 degree F, we were seeing temperatures not seen in the north for some time. Now the rain we had over the previous weeks and months also reeked havoc on the acessablity of the land. We also summized this would contribute to lack of movement by the bulls to shorelines and beaches. Those dark palms are easily spotted against the golden backdrop, however this year again, that was not to be. We make no excuses, after many years of tremendous success the hunting gods tuned us in and reminded us that only Mother Nature truly controls our destiny. Let us hope that we can depend on the weather in 2010 to bring some sense of continuity back to the north.

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