Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Big Sand Lake Lodge celebrates Christmas with frigid temperatures and the howling of some cold and hungry wolves. The moose are foraging for food through the heavy snow. The bears are dug in and hibernating. The lake is frozen solid. All is peaceful and silent with the Northern lights playing across the sky through the long hours of darkness. It’s the perfect time to think back on that last memorable fishing or hunting trip and begin planning for the next. Anticipation is part of the joy of your next adventure. Lynda and I will be the All-Canada Show at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL on January 12-15 and then at the Chicagoland Sports Show in Schaumburg, IL on January 26-29. Stop by the Big Sand booth if you can. We’ll be offering some special discounts for reservations and deposits made during the shows. We’d love to see you to relive some Big Sand memories or help you create some if you haven’t visited Big Sand yet. Here’s hoping there’s a new fishing rod or reel under your tree this year.