Manitoba’s Top Fly in Fishing Lodge

Welcome to the Big Sand Lake Lodge blog where every week or two we’ll give you insights into the fabulous fishing and hunting Northern Manitoba has to offer—expert advice along with plenty of photos and stories certain to whet your appetite for a visit to the pristine waters and wilderness of what can truly be called God’s Country.

big sand lodge night one with boats low

If you’ve already been to Northern Manitoba, we don’t have to tell you how good the fishing and hunting is, how clear and deep the rivers run, how the Northern Lights dance in the sky from late summer through the long winter nights. All we need to do is remind you to make plans to come visit us again. Those monster fish are still there just waiting to be tempted by your lure.We know because Big Sand Lake is catch-and release country.

It takes years for fish to grow to trophy size even with little or no fishing pressure so we always return the big ones to the water. We practice conservation on every level possible at Big Sand Lake Lodge and putting the big ones back is just part of what keeps this place so special. Of course, there are always plenty of eatin’ sized fish to fill any shore lunch frying pan.

Shore Lunch at Big Sand Lake Lodge

Big Sand Lake Lodge guides prepare a walleye shore lunch for guests

For those of you who haven’t experienced Northern Manitoba–well, and this is not an overstatement—it’s as close as any fisherman will ever get to heaven without going through those pearly gates. Fishermen are, by nature, prone to exaggeration.

Northern Manitoba and Big Sand Lake can cure you of the big fish story. Here catching big fish, caught not once in a lifetime or once in a trip, is an every day occurrence. Stories and exaggeration aren’t necessary. The reality is truer and bigger than fiction.

So why haven’t you been up here already? Maybe you didn’t know about us, didn’t know where the perfect destination would be. Maybe you were unsure of the simple logistics of just getting up here, of the accommodations you’d find, of what kind of folks your hosts would be. Maybe you’re the kind of fellow who wants some real relaxation along with his adventure—a comfortable and clean bed, an indoor toilet and hot shower, good meals with no dish washing, a cocktail or two before dinner, a fishing guide who would show you how and where to find the fish (although they really aren’t that hard to find), bring you back to the lodge safely and in time for dinner, cook you a shore lunch better than any dinner you could buy at a fancy restaurant and perhaps become a memorable friend by the end of your stay. Or perhaps you like to do things for yourself, have some virgin water all for you and your party to enjoy. Of course, you still want a comfortable and clean place to sleep. Big Sand Lake offers a variety of options that cover just about any desired situation.Trophy Lake Trout

We live in a busy and sometimes stressful world. Give yourself a break from the daily routine, the grind. Find a few like-minded buddies and give us a call. We’ll help you make your trip your best ever fishing or hunting trip. And we’ll do it all at a price that won’t bust your budget.

Check in with us at this blog as we go through the dark days of winter. We’ll be giving out lots of specific information on the what’s and when’s of visiting Northern Manitoba. We’ll show some pictures of guys just like you having the time of their lives and we’ll share some “true” fishing stories along the way. Plus we’ll load you up on everything you need to know about fishing and hunting at Big Sand Lake Lodge in Northern Manitoba.

by Gary Cole