I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard someone, friend and stranger say, when talking about the joy of fishing “I’m going to take that great fishing trip sometime.” I hear it over and over again at sports shows, in casual cocktail conversation, at football tailgates, a family get-together. I even heard it on a three-day trip to a Wisconsin lake this past weekend. It comes up because of my association and love for Big Sand Lake and the Big Sand Lake Lodge, something I’ve very quick to talk about whenever given the opportunity.
So many fellows and even an occasional lady will express the long-held desire to take that dream fishing trip. Unfortunately, the majority of them will simply talk about it, dream about it, but never do it. Why is that?
The first reason given is usually “I can’t find the time” which to me is the weakest of all excuses. Are we the masters or the slaves of the time given to us? We all have jobs, families, responsibilities. However, what person cannot carve out one short week in a year to enjoy nature, to shut out both personal concerns and worries and the depressing stories we view and read about every day in the news media? Weeks pass us by and are lost to memory almost before they are over. A week at Big Sand Lake Lodge is a week never forgotten, one that can be relived countless times in the experiences we remember, the stories we tell, the photos we take. Look at your calendar, preferably June or early July of 2017, and decide to carve out a week for yourself, for that “great fishing trip.”
And, yes, the other reason most often given is “A trip like that is expensive.” There’s no denying that $3995 US is not cheap even though the all-inclusive rates at Big Sand Lake Lodge are the most affordable in Northern Manitoba. However, think about what one spends on even a three-day trip to Wisconsin like the one I just took–$150-$200 a night for a decent place to stay; $100 a day for some reasonably good food; $150 a day times two to rent a small boat and motor; $450 for a half day for a guide with boat on the third day for a chance to catch some fish after catching nothing the first two days; $50 for drinks at the local bar sharing stories with fellows about how the lakes that once held lots of fish no longer produce much of anything. By the time I add it all up, I’m halfway to the amount I would have spent on a truly glorious fishing vacation at Big Sand. And the fish stories I would remember and tell back home wouldn’t be exaggerations or hang-my-head “the fishing wasn’t very good this time” type.
So perhaps it’s time for you to stop saying “sometime” but instead say “this time” and “my time.” It’s simple. Mark a week on your calendar. Convince a buddy or buddies, a relative, even your wife, into coming along. If no one bites, come by yourself. You’ll quickly make friends at the lodge. Then call Rick or Lynda at 1-800-348-5824 to secure your reservation and start dreaming and planning about the trip you are going to take instead of the one you simply think about. Got some questions or concerns, give me a call. I’ve experienced Big Sand as a guest and will be happy to share my experiences and answer your questions. Gary Cole at garytreviecole@gmail.com or 847-644-5787.