I Want to Go Fishing But What’s Next?

Trophy Lake Trout

What a great way to bond with a son or daughter.





So the urge is there. A little smile creeps over your face as you contemplate casting your line in the shallow waters of a peaceful bay, just over near those lily pads. As the lure hits the water, you see an incredibly fast dash from what you thought was a piece of timber in the clear water. And immediately the instantaneous hit and splash, the bend of the rod and you realize that it wasn’t a piece of timber; it was a monster Northern Pike waiting for his next meal to swim by.


You can probably imagine the rest of the fight yourself—the runs away from the boat, towards the boat, around the boat– the dives to the bottom and the runs toward the weed bed. Your guide masterfully maneuvers the boat and then uses his two-handed net to land the fish. Measured, photographed and released back into the water, you turn to your buddy in the front of the boat. You were going to high five him but now he has a big one on as well.


If imagination is enough for you, you needn’t do anything except get another cold one from the fridge. If you want to turn imagination into experience, here’s the first thing you need to do. Find somebody to go with you; someone to share the experience. How about family members? A son, daughter, son-law, brother, uncle. (Kids under 15 get a 50% discount.) How about your wife? I know lots of women who would love an adventure fishing trip where they were guaranteed to catch big fish. And Big Sand Lake Lodge is very woman-friendly—comfortable and clean cabins with all the important amenities, a warm and hospitable lodge serving great meals which is also a place to hang out if the lady needs a day to recover from yesterday’s fishing workout.


Going with a bunch of buddies can’t be beat. It’s tough not to be in a good mood at Big Sand. What’s not to like? It’s roughing it without roughing it. The jokes and stories will punctuate every evening after dinner, that is, unless you decide to go out fishing again for a few hours. Remember, it is daylight most of the 24 hours. And Big Sand Lake Lodge is perhaps the only lodge in Northern Manitoba to encourage evening fishing if desired.


Or how about bringing along a valued client or two or a couple employees who deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and loyal service. Bonuses are great but they typically get eaten up paying bills and are quickly forgotten. A trip to the Big Sand is something they’ll remember and thank you for in years to come.


So look for that group. Get organized. The trip won’t happen unless you make it happen. Once you’ve got your group solidified, call Rick or Lynda at 1-800-348-5824 or email them at info@bigsandlakelodge.goelementbeta.com so that you can nail down some dates.

Tell them Gary sent you (that’s me). I’ll be up there part of the coming summer as well and hope to see you and share some great fishing experiences.

Gary Cole