Early bird gets the worm- from a fisherman’s perspective

Fishing in Manitoba, Canada at Big Sand Lake Lodge we have heard it all. The old saying ” early bird gets the worm” has been around for centuries, but the meaning has been interpreted many different ways. Initially it was viewed that many birds feed in the early morning when the ground dew causes worms to rise to the ground surface,thus the birds would feed in the dawn hours and the saying was born. However we are not birds and yet we can relate to this saying in so many ways. Here are but a few to ponder:

1) When you get an early start to your day, this usually means you can accomplish many thing earlier in the day. This gives you more free time later in the day to do all the other things you never seem to have time to do.

2) Stating fresh in the morning with no mental distractions allows to the ability to focus directly on the tasks at hand, typically no one calls you at 5 or 6 am.

3) No late nights, means you are in bed earlier and of course up earlier in the day, you will find yourself having more energy early and less energy later in the day, this formula should yield you to a better nights sleep.

4) Have you ever gone for a walk as the sun is coming up on a calm morning, the peace and quiet that comes as your surrounds are awakening are not only invigorating, but soothing to the soul. Try it and you’ll know what I mean, after all, those birds can’t possibly be wrong.

5) Your alone time, is so valuable, it gives you the opportunity to just be you, no one watching, no one to judge you, just be yourself and relax. Listen we all know as the day rolls along the pressures we all have to face, you will find that sometime you just need to get away, the early mornings can do that for you.

6) Here is the most important, you get up on your terms, your schedule and your routine, why? The answer is simply, it’s your life make the most of it and live it to the the fullest, you’ll be glad you did.