Changes at Big Sand Lake Lodge for the Upcoming 2020 Season

This letter is to assure our friends and family that we intend to remain open and provide exceptional fishing and hunting in 2020.
As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic we will take all recommended actions to insure the safety of our family and friends. Big Sand Lake Lodge enjoys the privilege of being very remote with very limited access. Given the guidelines from world health organizations we see Big Sand as a safe place.
We firmly believe that the world will win this battle soon and return to normal operation well before opening day.
If the world situation changes we will also reevaluate and make necessary adjustments.
Big Sand Lake continues to astound, year after year, over the past 35 years as one of Canada’s best locations for trophy “Master Angler” class Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Grayling, Moose, Black Bear and Wolf. We will protect and maintain this pristine wilderness for our children, their children and your children! Our amazing, professional guides and support staff, all with many years of experience with the lake and surrounding area are what make this location so successful.
There will be no rate increase for the 2020 season.
We want everyone to know we take every issue very seriously. We are addressing each and every concern. We are moving forward to make the Big Sand Lake Lodge experience a priority!
We are in negotiations with and will soon introduce the new management staff that will be tasked with the resolutions to all the expressed concerns.
We at Big Sand Lake Lodge are here to serve and happy to do so. We invite you to return to our little place up in beautiful Northern Manitoba soon!
Leslie W. Dysart
CEO, CASIL (Community Association South Indian Lake)