This is THE action-packed Canadian Walleye fishing trip

Walleye common catch: 3-4 pounds average.

Abundant. Fierce. Delicious. The Walleye at Big Sand Lake Lodge are known for being big, plentiful, and easy to catch. We keep the best-eating ‘eyes for a classic, mouthwatering shore lunch meal. What makes ours so tasty and memorable? It’s open-fire only (no propane). A little detail that makes a big difference.

Anglers who know about top-quality Walleye fishing lodges seem to always mention the fishing in Northern Manitoba, Canada, specifically at Big Sand Lake Lodge. The word is out that many of our guests have qualified for a Manitoba Master Angler award, the most reputable and oldest master angler program in North America. You get recognized for your achievement, receive a Master Angler Catch-and-Released badge, and have your name entered into the official master angler registry.

Big fish. Aggressive fish. Delicious fish. Our incredible Walleye action here goes on year-round and year after year.



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