World-class Arctic Grayling fishing in Canada is a special treat

Arctic Grayling common catch: 14-inch up to master angler size (18+ inches).

Like any fish species, the right environment produces exceptional fish. Here in Northern Manitoba, Canada, especially near Big Sand Lake, the insect amount and variety along with strong flowing rivers are how Arctic Graylings thrive.

This fish’s overall purple hue is beautiful, and its large dorsal fin has earned it the title of “Sailfish of the North.” And, it behaves similarly; always feisty and possessing impressive aerial skills. An Arctic Grayling fishing trip using light tackle is something you won’t experience anywhere else but Canada.

The Manitoba record 23-inch Arctic Grayling was caught in Wolf Lake, home to one of our wilderness outposts. That easily qualifies for a Manitoba Master Angler award, the most reputable and oldest master angler program in North America. Catch anything 18 inches long or over, and you’ll get recognized for your achievement, receive a Master Angler Catch-and-Released badge, and have your name entered into the official master angler registry.



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